Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Must. Love. Lynne.

Food shows have certainly increased significantly in popularity over the last decade. The ones that keep my butt glued to my seat have more to do with the host than anything. Don't get me wrong, the food plays a huge part, but just like service in a restaurant, the host of a food show needs that certain je ne sais quoi to keep me coming back. And Rogers definitely made the right choice letting Lynne Frappier take over that position in her upcoming new show Must. Love. Food.

If you've ever watched any of the cooking portions with Lynne on Daytime Ottawa, then you'll definitely agree. I could watch her for hours, just as I could sit down and have a meal with her for hours. Her energy is unlike anyone I know, time always goes way to fast when you're with someone that's just so positive and fun. I'm seriously in major countdown mode for April 30th at 8pm (*SHOW IS NOW SUNDAYS AT 8PM). (Oh, and did I mention you'll get a glimpse of my husband at work in the kitchen during one of the episodes!?)


April 2nd, 2012 (OTTAWA) – Local food blogger Lynne Frappier, “The Twisted Chef”, comes to Rogers TV to share her love for food with Ottawa viewers.  Frappier’s new series Must.Love.Food. premieres Monday, April 30th at 8PM on Rogers TV, cable 22.

As Must.Love.Food.’s host and producer, Frappier welcomes viewers to the kitchen and to her foodie world.  Despite being an enthusiastic chef and baker in her own right, Frappier says she’s not the focus of the series.

“It’s a new concept.  I want to showcase great food and the passion people have for their recipes,” explains Frappier. “Some of the recipes my guests will present are family favourites, passed on for generations. You’ll get great recipes and get to meet those who are most knowledgeable about these culinary heirlooms.”

Every week, Must.Love.Food. will feature different local guests preparing their favourite recipes, plus food preparation segments with local ingredients and ideas.  From the best in pies to the most delectable cakes and spicy dishes that will leave you wanting more, Must.Love.Food. is the new TV destination for Ottawa’s best-kept recipes. Here’s a taste of upcoming episodes: 

April 30:            Must.Love.Family Recipes.
May 7:              Must.Love.Entertaining.
May 14:            Must.Love.Pies.
May 21:            Must.Love.Spice.
May 28:            Must.Love.Lemon.
June 4:             Must.Love.Cupcakes.
June 11:           Must.Love.Chocolate.
June 18:           Must.Love.Meat.

Make a reservation for Must.Love.Food., Mondays at 8pm on Rogers TV.  For more information on Must.Love.Food., visit rogerstv.com

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