Sunday, September 18, 2011

Play Food & Wine

The original plan for my friend Zoya's birthday was a weekend of wine tasting in Niagara. When that got cancelled I took it upon myself to try and make something similar to that happen here. It would be the perfect gift! But between DiVino, Savvy and the LCBO, no one had any tastings going on this weekend. Totally bummed I went to Holly for help. Being the wine lover she is, I knew she would point me in the right direction. And that she did when she suggested I go to Play.

I checked in at Play to see if their sommelier would be there on Saturday afternoon and made a reservation for 3:30. I figured that going during a not-so-busy time would allow a more in-depth review of the wines we were going to try. Grayson was instrumental in the success of Zoya's birthday gift and I can't thank him enough. He brought us through a flight of some amazing wines and gave us the background for each. It truly was an afternoon to remember.

In the same order we drank them, here's what we had:

White, Tollgate, Stratus, Niagara, 2007
Assyrtiko, Wild Ferment, Gaia, Greece, 2010
Chardonnay, Dean's List, NCT, Niagara, 2008
GSM, Vidal-Fleury, Rhone, France, 2008 (this sparked a new love of French wine for Zoya)
Cabernet Franc, Stratus, Niagara, 2007 (probably my least favourite grape but this one was delicious)
Touriga Nacional, Valmonte, Portugal, 2005
Syrah, Waterstone, Napa, CA, 2008
Contra, Bonny Doon, Central Coast, CA, 2009

Almost all of these are available to taste but we lucked out on a couple because there had been a bottle already opened (yay!).

If you're ever looking for something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon, I highly recommend a little wine tasting at Play.

1 York Street, Ottawa

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Holly Bruns said...

Yay! I was thinking about you and hoping you had a winerific time.