Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Few of my Favourite Things

The things that keep me going in life are the simplest, most pleasurable things many people would just overlook. And it's so important to remember these little things, they're what keep us going every day. If you're just waiting for the next big thing, you're not living life to the fullest.

This past month has brought on many simple pleasures. Here are some of my favourite.

Marysol's (chez Edgar) warming sweet potato and coconut milk soup. So comforting.

Relaxing tea from Cha Yi teahouse, also available at Edgar.

And decadent buttermilk pie made by Lynne (the twisted chef) is all you need to put a smile on anyone's face!
Have you ever seen a happier Marysol!? (thanks for the photo Lynne!)

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Anonymous said...

how much do I love this entry?! It's simply lovely... thank you for thinking that my buttermilk pie is one of your pleasures :0) and I think that Marysol is so happy because you had the brilliant idea to have an amazing, chillaxing evening among friends.
A simple pleasure in my life? Reading your blog and being your friend. Thanks Rachelle for being you.