Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pickled Goodness

Back in November we had a little dinner party in honour of a visiting friend. Carolyn, a woman I met through my friend Gina, is a wonderful and super fun person. But I think where we really hit it off was through our similar interest in food. Knowing how much my husband and I enjoy food-related gifts, when she took it upon herself to send us a thank you for the dinner, she put a lot of thought into surprising us with something both local and homemade.

After considering all her options, she picked out the best of the best pickled goodies made by friends and family. And all of it coming out of their backyard gardens!

• Her mother's corn relish, beets and cucumber relish
• Her sister-in-law's bread & butter pickles
• Her good friend Loretta's giardiniera

Although a thank you gift was definitely not necessary, now that I've dipped into these delectable gems, I can say how excited I am that she took the time to do this for us. Yum-ola!!

Thank you so much Carolyn, and please thank all the wonderful people who poured their hearts into these yummy treats.


Holly Bruns said...

Those sound so good. I just read a recipe for bacon jam that I'm going to try!

agjackk said...

Oh I am so glad pickles make you happy too. I never really paid much attention to the intricate nature of a pickle. although I knew I L-O-V-E-D them, it was only until my husband began pickling everything that I paid attention to how wonderfully easy they are to make and how they add a little flavor to things. We actually received a can of cucumber pickles for our wedding - an odd gift but by far the most delicious and will alway be one of the most memorable.