Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best Chicken Ever

I've never been a big fan of chicken. It just seems to be so common, which is probably why I avoid it in restaurants. It wasn't until I met my husband that I actually fell in love with some chicken dishes. He really knew how to take something so boring and turn it into a true delight.

His specialty when it comes to chicken is his beer-up-the-butt recipe. But tonight, I think tonight that recipe had a little competition. The saltiness of the meat, crispness of the skin, and juices that literally squirted on my shirt when I cut into it all formed together to become the best piece of chicken I've ever had. Ok, the beer chicken still stands strong. But this one was amazing.

Fresh from Aubrey's, my husband started off brining a whole chicken in 1.5 cups water and 1 cup of kosher salt. This only needs about an hour but he did it for 3 or 4. Then he cut it into 8 pieces and covered it in oil and pepper.

Soak some wood chips for about half an hour and then put them loosely in some tinfoil, cut slits on the top and place them under the bbq grates. Get the barbecue started on high until it gets really hot and smoking (your backyard will smell like a spa), then turn off all burners except the one with the chips on it. Place the chicken as far away from the fire as you can, making sure the breast is farthest away (it'll get dry if not) and the thighs the closest. Leave on for an hour and a bit at about 300 degrees. Baste it with butter and thyme.

Your heart will melt at the first bite. Make sure to have an equally delicious side. Arugula with some blanched green beans and snow peas drizzled with olive oil, white balsamic, rock salt and chive flowers should do the trick!


treesaw said...

That sounds and looks delish!

Chrisonthego said...

Really looks and taste good. It almost looks like duck confit. Good looking dish too.