Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whalesbone Heaven

Last night my husband and I indulged in a meal straight from heaven – a 5 course meal paying homage to the late Sailor Jerry. Of course, something of this caliber would be what I've come to expect of the Whalesbone – one of my absolute favourite restaurants in the city. But what I love most about this place, is the fact that no matter how often I go, the meals continue to get more and more jaw-droppingly delicious.

We started off with a dish called Norman Collins (aka Sailor Jerry) – red dawn oysters - 3 served fresh on a plank that had been previously used to identify the oysters behind the bar. A shot of house-made tomato juice and Sailor Jerry's sat in the middle of a bed of celery, lovage and horseradish-sprinkled tomatoes. After drizzling the oysters with the shooter, we sipped away at what could easily replace your traditional Bloody Mary.

Next, Tatts Thomas (the man who showed Mr Collins how to use tattoo machines) – my favourite dish of the night. A heart-melting Albacore tuna poke with scallions, dulse, red chilis, soy, lime, sesame cracker and white truffle. My eyes grew wider with each bite as I slowly savoured every morsel on my plate. And just when I thought nothing could possibly get better than this, Evolution, a nine-varietal wine with the most prominent one being Pinot Gris that it was paired with, made the dish even more mouthwatering.

Ed Hardy (a protege of Sailor Jerry), was the dish that came in close second to the Tatts Thomas. Corn leaf wrapped elegantly around perch and cinnamon pork. Sweet corn, garlic scapes, jalapeno, corn cream and zucchini all played a prominent role in this dreamy dish. Ginger beer and Sailor Jerry's were paired beautifully alongside.

And just when you thought you'd had enough, Rollo Banks (aka Mike Malone, another tattoo artist and student of Sailor Jerry) – a dish filled with rich treats of lobster, prawn and yellowfin. Black olive, refreshing watermelon, basil, ricotta, crème fraîche and kale completed this luscious dish, as did the lemonade and Sailor Jerry's.

Last but certainly not least, Sailor Cherry, a velvety Sailor Cherry Ice Cream from Pascale served over chocolate Jerry's ganache, brownie, cherries, and yummy rum caramel.

As usual, service was amazing and atmosphere the best of all.

430 Bank Street, Ottawa

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Holly Bruns said...

I had a pork belly meal there once that I still dream about from time to time. Nice post.

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