Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not Hungry, Just Lazy

The past 6-8 months have not been the busiest for me in terms of posts. They've been few and very far between. I look at the wonderful bloggers out there who keep it up, day after day no matter the circumstance. Seriously, you all deserve an award. It's not always easy!

The other night I was invited to Petit Bill's to try a few dishes off their new spring menu (you must go and order the Jigg's Dinner - sooo good), they've recently renovated their kitchen. In conversation with Terry he said something I'd never thought about – I have a positive outlook on food. I don't waste my time complaining about something I didn't like, more that I make the time to shout-out the people and food that I do and that he enjoys reading my blog for that reason.

Then there's the dinners I look back on and regret not having the photos to remind me of it. I recently had a wonderful dinner at Oz's industry night and it reminded me of a dinner I had last summer that I, to this day, regret not blogging about. This is my food diary and that was probably one of he most unique experiences I had ever had. A 5 course dinner using parts of the animals that normally get discarded. It was amazing. Luckily I can still go back and reminisce through Lynne's blog. She, as always, recounted the night beautifully.

All that said, I'm going to pick up the pace a bit, even if it's a one-liner with a photo. All the mouth-watering dishes I indulge in deserve to be recounted and remembered.

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Chris Onthego said...

Hey no worries, you still have a good blog with always nice pictures. I really like your blog.