Sunday, March 6, 2011

Braised Beef Short Ribs

My friend Sue hooked us up with a local farmer who was taking orders for some of her yummy beef. We jumped on the opportunity. (They don't have a web site but send me a note if you'd like contact info.) We ordered the meat back in December and picked everything up late January.

Ahhh, a freezer full of delicious meat. I can't think of anything more wonderful. Well, except maybe the results of having this meat. Which is this dish right here – straight from comfort-food-heaven. Goodbye cold, wet days, hello soul-warming goodness.

After hours in the slow-cooker, the meat had already fallen off the bone. Every tender morsel melted in my mouth before my teeth even had time to sink into it. Nothing can compare to good beef. And once you go there once, you're in for life.

Sides for this dish are equally amazing. Unlike most slow-cooker meals where you throw everything into the pot and leave it, this one requires a lot of time for the accompanying veg. My husband was in the kitchen much longer than usual. I will say this though, every second was so worth it. Carrots and mushrooms cooked to perfection along with heavenly pearl onions and thick crisp bacon, all doused in a mouthwatering jus. The base for all of this was a whipped blanket of celery root – A-MA-ZING.

With a rich red wine by your side, this would be the perfect Saturday night dinner for your closest friends. Get the full recipe here on epicurious.


Anonymous said...

Kindly share the info on this farm! Looks like a lovely meal.

Rachelle said...

You can reach them here: