Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trio Lounge


Had to check this place out after reading so many great reviews.

This cozy little restaurant has got relaxing Friday evening written all over it. With it's wall lined with comfy seats and dim lighting, if you're lucky enough to get a spot, you won't want to leave. And their menu makes it easy to just sit back and slowly eat and drink your night away.

At first glance the menu looks small, and you would expect it to be easy to choose from the list of delectable small plates. Not so. There are many dishes to opt for, which leaves you with that feeling of wishing you had a stomach large enough to try everything. Which of course, reduces the time between then and your next return.

As I sipped away at my Cab-Tempranillo, engaging in conversation, one by one our plates came out.

First, a rich mushroom tapenade with truffle and sprinkles of micro-greens served on baguette toast. The conversation ended at this point as my friend Amy and I savoured each bite.

Next, mouthwatering lamb mint balls with a Moroccan yogurt and a handfull of fresh micro-greens. After dousing my first few bites in this lovely, light sauce, I had to pull back in order to save some for the last few meaty bits.

And finally, a generous cheese board with creamy Soeur Angèle, made from both goat and cow's milk, Mont Jacob, so flavourful and yummy, and my new favourite sheep cheese, Manchego – absolutely divine. The charming platter was dotted with bright red dried cranberries and flower petals. And the savoury red pepper sauce and homemade pesto completed each bite of cheese on the perfectly crisp baguette toasts.

I've already planned what I'm going to order during my next visit – the baked cheese sandwich with house ketchup (which came highly recommended by a friend) and braised Malaysian pork belly steak. Yum!

Prices very reasonable, between $4 and $14 and good service. Music selection is also fantastic. They don't take reservations so make sure to show up early.

307 Richmond Rd Ottawa

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Anonymous said...

That sounds so tasty!!

Fitness Foodie said...

My favourite Westboro hangout!

Katy said...

Do they still have the little box on the table with all of their cocktail recipes in it? I went there once for a girls night and we had fun sorting through the box and trying different thugs.

Rachelle said...

ohhh, no they didn't! Maybe i picked the wrong table. sounds awesome!

Katy said...

It's been a long time so maybe they don't have it anymore. I'll have to revisit - I remember really enjoying the atmosphere and the food.