Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fromagerie Le Détour

On a recent trip out east I made a stop into a popular cheese store along the Transcanada Highway. Shortly after leaving New Brunswick and getting onto the least fun part of the drive (single-lane and construction hell), this little gem in Notre-Dame-du-Lac is just what you need to make the dreaded-drive more fun and exciting.

Besides deliciously salty cheese strings to snack on, they also have fresh sandwiches lined up in the fridge just waiting to fill hungry tummies. And of course, a number of heavenly cheeses. If time is on your side, all the accompaniments you'd need to make a cheese picnic are available on the shelves. Otherwise, make sure to bring an ice pack or cooler to get them home for savouring at a later date!

We left with as many options as we could keep cold with our tiny little ice pack. Most of what they offer are soft cheeses, but they do have one hard one – Le petit Émile - and it's only available at the factory. AND I DIDN'T GET THIS ONE! Oh well, something to look forward to next time.

What we did get: Grey Owl – a soft goat cheese covered in an ashy blanket – very yummy. La Magie de Madawaska – another soft cheese with washed rind made from cow's milk and my absolute favourite of the bunch. La Dame du Lac - made with skimmed cow milk. Marquis de Témiscouata – very soft and delicious. And Sentinelle – a soft washed goat cheese.

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Anonymous said...

Murray Street Restaurant has a cheese from Notre-Dame-du-Lac on their menu! Also, Roch Voisine (french singer) grew up in that small town.