Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pho Van Van

I love Vietnamese food. And I regularly daydream about rice noodles. Sounds odd I know, I'm just being totally honest here. So on a Tuesday, when a lot Vietnamese restaurants are closed and I'm having a major craving, Pho Van Van is there, ready to please.

I don't blog every time I go out for Vietnamese because I'd be doing it way too often and talking about the same thing every time. I rarely stray from my favourite rice paper shrimp rolls with peanut sauce and bun with either shrimp or spring rolls.

Everything was fresh and delicious. The one thing I do need to point out though was the crispness of the spring rolls. I don't think I've ever had a spring roll so perfectly crispy. Yum!

93 Holland Ave, Ottawa

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Greatblue said...

Yumm, I dream of rice noodles too you are not alone! I mhave to check out Pho Van Van. thnx Karen