Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hintonburg – My New Love

Went for a little walk in Hintonburg today. I normally drive past the eastern portion, or better known as Hintonburg-Mechanicsville, with my eyes closed. But it was obvious to me today that it must have been quite a while since I'd been in this area because the little restaurants and shops lining up the streets felt like I was somewhere else.

My husband and I had set out for a late afternoon snack. The destination? Back Lane Café. Unfortunately they were closed until dinner-time. But after peeking in the window and at the menu, I have a future date with them already planned out in my head. I can't wait!

A little further down was the new Burnt Butter. Another fabulous addition. And although the doors were wide open, I felt saving this one for dinner time was also a must. My husband and I were paired with the owners years ago when we went golfing. At the time Steve Wallace was at Anthony's on Elgin (or the old Ritz). Such a friendly couple. I'm so happy for them and excited to try out their new spot.

Of course Tennessy Willems has been open for a while now and doing great with their yummy pizzas.

Then a little further down in the very beginning stages and not open yet – Isobel's Cupcakes and right next door, the future home of Hintonburg Public House. So exciting!!

But for today, we ended up in a little gem of a place, Alpha Soul Café. The best thing about this place is the adorable little back patio. The perfect spot to hang out on an unusually warm October day. We even had live acoustic music from Amanda Cottreau wafting out the patio doors while we sipped wine.

A little Sauvagine and green grapes.

Also snacked on a mushroom soup and delicious greek orzo salad. YUM! What a great day!

Alpha Soul Café
1015 Wellington West

AlphaSoul Cafe on Urbanspoon


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you discovered some of the great spots in Hintonburg, there are many. What you refer to as the "eastern portion" is actually Hintonburg proper. Anything west of Holland Ave. is West Wellington Village.

Anonymous said...

I have gorwn up in this neighbourhood and when I come abck to see my family there is always a new place opening. These places are alkways packed so come back!

Anonymous said...

I love my Hintonburg, walking distance to the Parkway, restaurants, stores. We all know our neighbours by their first names and your never alone in Hintonburg, just sit on a bench in front of Giant Tiger, Bridgehead or anywhere and someone will always sit and talk with you. We have one of the best Community Centre and excellent Police Offier along with security meetings every month, excellent dog walkers. I would never leave Hintonburg, it is the best area to live in the City of Ottawa. My Hintonburg

Anonymous said...

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DannyinOttawa said...

time to revisit "The Burg"

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