Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fuschian Open Again

So excited Fuschian's doors are open again after a terrible kitchen fire kept them out of commission for what seemed like forever. I don't blog about every visit I have at this quaint Vietnamese restaurant (weekly!). But every now and then I like to do a little shout-out. They're so friendly and in my mind, really do make the best Vietnamese in the city. I had my usual rice paper shrimp rolls today and opted for the pork wonton and egg noodle soup for a change. Delicious as usual.

Today was extra special though, as I got to try what may become a staple – homemade ginger and-or green tea cookies. Ann loves to bake and does a really great job. The big question now is, should she do soft ginger or a harder ginger cookie more suitable for dipping? The one I tried today was a little in between, perfect for tea or to grab on your way out the door. Very yummy!! I hope she keeps it up!

On another note, I think my husband got my fortune cookie by accident:


treesaw said...

Oh yay!!!!!!! So glad to hear it! Looking forward to visiting soon.

pinkghost said...

can't wait to go when we get back!! say hi to anne from amy : )

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! As thrilled I am to have my taste in vietnamese food validated but your much more sophisticated palate, I thought that Fushion (and the lovely An) was my own little neighbourhood secret. Now that the cover is blown, I'll never get a table there!!