Monday, October 18, 2010

Seared Duck Breast in a Port Reduction with Roasted Mini Potatoes and Shallots

Yay! We finally finished our week-long marathon of turkey and ham. Not that I minded though! Hot turkey sandwiches, croque-monsieurs and smokey split pea soups have huge soft spots in my heart. But a revised meat and potatoes dish was calling.

My husband and I visited the Chelsea Smokehouse this past weekend. Yes, the adult candy store. Where we picked up a mixed platter of delectable smoked fish for the perfect Sunday lunch. And of course, couldn't leave without visiting their freezer filled with local meats. That's where we got the duck breast – the main attraction on our plates tonight.

My husband seared the duck and then drizzled it with a delicious port and green onion reduction. In the oven, potatoes and shallots roasted away, making the perfect side for this mouthwatering meal. Beneath it all, a peppery arugula added a much-needed pop of colour.

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Sara said...

I love to cook meat in Port, it gives such a richness of flavour. This dish sounds just delicious.