Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lunch at Benny’s Bistro

There's nothing quite like lunch at Benny's to break up the work day. Going there is an event for me and worth the trek from out in the east-end. A co-worker of mine, Scott, wanted to thank me for the hard work I've done over the last little while and he knew this was one of my absolute go-to places for an amazing lunch. I also think this lunch was a reward to him too (I'm not the only one trying to create peace in my mind to get through the day).

We were both torn between the confit of Albacore tuna loin and the roasted salmon belly sandwich. Finally, Scott settled on the sandwich, dressed with caramelized red onions and roasted red pepper mayo. A velvety butternut squash soup was served as a side.

I think I lucked out in this one. My plump, thick slices of tuna were topped with a soft poached egg and heavenly saffron aïoli. Smoked heirloom tomato consommé served as the base of the dish and home to panko crusted Chorizo sausage bites that were to-die-for.

We sipped a glass of Sancerre with our meal and ended it with a lemon tart.

As usual, service was great and atmosphere fun and quirky. Lunch ranges from $13 to $19.

119 Murray Street, Ottawa ON

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One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

Both lunches look fantastic. But that tuna.... What an elaborate dish for lunch. Beautifully done. So worth the price I am guessing. I love Benny's Bistro too.

Pearl said...

they make a great brunch too