Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blumen Garden Bistro – Picton

Before I even made it to Prince Edward County, I knew I wanted to have dinner at Blumen. I had heard so many wonderful things. So to make sure we wouldn't have a problem getting in for dinner, I made the reservation well in advance.

Shivers of excitement rushed through my body as I reviewed the menu. How on earth was I going to make a choice? I had been eating a lot of rich, meaty foods over the previous few days, my body was craving veggies. But did I give into the cravings? Absolutely not. I went a completely different direction and greedily ordered 2 of the richest dishes on the menu. I have no self-control – you wouldn't have either if you saw that menu. And this time, we went all out, picking the Amarone to go with our meal, a marvelous choice.

Our reactions were the same with our first bite of food – big eyes with a long blissful sigh. My app, a hearty crisp duck confit crêpe bundle filled with tender meat, corn, mushrooms and sweet peas and surrounded by foie gras emulsion, made me weak in the knees. Definitely the highlight of my night, but honestly should have been shared it was so filling.

As I continued on with my heaven in a pocket, my husband was slowly savouring his velvety butternut squash soup topped with crumbles of homemade spicy sausage and crème fraîche.

My main was absolutely sinful, pulled braised rabbit, gnocchi, leeks, oyster mushrooms, lardons and dressed in parmesan. Oh. My. God. Unfortunately these soft pillows of yumminess didn't reheat as nicely the next day (you didn't think I actually ate everything did you!?), but the rabbit was still very nice.

My husband was leaning towards the roasted chicken suprême with buttermilk whipped potatoes but ended up going with the AAA Angus Reserve rib steak because of our wine. Cooked rare, this hunk of beef was served with lardons, sugar snaps, garlic confit, baby purple potatoes and herbed red wine reduction.

As was with every visit we made in the county, the service was amazing and so friendly. The atmosphere warm and dimly lit. Apps range from $7 to $13 and mains $20 to $29. Although it's not far away at all, I wish this restaurant was closer to home.

647 Highway 49
Picton, Ontario

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One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

Just came from the Blumen. I am so full! I had the braised rabbit too. Did a google on Blumen when we got to our room and imagine my surprise to see you have written about them. I must have read it before I am sure. We didn't have any apps as it was late when we stumbled upon it. The mister had the wild salmon. Love this place.