Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mmmmmm Fudge

We can always count on Jane to give us some goodies at special occasions. Last week we were treated with some of her delicious fudge for Halloween. And it's never just the treat that's homemade and special, it's what comes with it too. In this case, a very cute card with all the extra little details.

I always wonder where she finds the time to be so creative for all the people she cares about. But this recipe, I found out later, is not a time-eater at all! 5-minute fudge – perfect. It's classic Carnation milk fudge, although for this particular batch she used milk chocolate chips since that's all she had on hand. With the semi-sweet chips you get a darker, and not quite as sweet result. This tasty recipe can be found here. Thanks Jane!

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