Friday, January 7, 2011

Canadian Celebrity Chefs Event

I love Ottawa. And for many reasons. The main one of course, is it's many offerings of delicious food. I've always loved eating, but I never became passionate about it or, well, down right obsessed with it, until I moved here. So many amazing restaurants and specialty food shops, so little time (or not enough stomach space). Which is why, when an event that combines many of this city's talented chefs comes about, I'm all over it!

This is my intro to the Canadian Celebrity Chefs Event.

But it gets better.

Not only does this event include 8 of our local culinary geniuses, but also 8 more – on Monday, January 24th, the NAC will be host to drool-worthy demonstrations by top celebrity chefs from across Canada. This daylong gastronomic extravaganza is the first of it's kind and will consist of live cooking demos that are sure to get your heart pounding and mouth watering. But don't worry, it finishes off in the evening with a scrumptious food and wine tasting reception – my favourite part.

Each Ottawa chef has been paired with another chef from across Canada. And, being the first time for something like this, some of Ottawa's top bloggers have come together to spread the word. Each of us highlighting our paired chefs outstanding talents. Come back soon to check out my interview with Chef Charlotte Langley from the Whalesbone who will be cooking up a storm with Brad Long of Café Belong in Toronto. And keep your eyes peeled for the same on these fantastic blogs:

Tickets for this event, are a very reasonable $145 for the full package (demos and reception), or if you want to skip the daylong torture of yummy food being prepared before your eyes, the reception is only $75. You can also skip the reception (although I don't know why you would), and attend the cooking demos for $99.

Monies raised are in support of the NAC's National Youth and Education Trust which furthers artistic education, training and mentorship for young Canadians.

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