Saturday, January 22, 2011

Play Food and Wine

I love eating late, midnight barbecues, 11pm dinner parties, 4-main-course-days (one time my husband and I were in Buffalo and on our first day had breakfast, lunch, dinner out before the hockey game, and then another full dinner complete with a bottle of wine at 1am – how brilliant is that!?).

One thing we've always found Ottawa to be lacking in is places to go for a meal late at night. More recently though, that seems to be changing. Play offers that luxury. I went recently with my friends Teresa and Gina. They serve until midnight, and possibly later if people are still ordering. My last plate was requested five minutes to – so awesome. I will make a note though, the website states 11:45pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Beets rarely make it past me. Even though I eat them often with the traditional goat cheese and toasted pecans, I somehow refuse to get bored of them. Pickled onion and truffled-leek made this variation extra special. And the perfect starter.

Next, charred squid, white beans, wilted spinach, melt-in-your-mouth ricotta and fennel.

The Digby scallops were also a winner, complete with orange, ginger, celeriac and mushroom.

While Teresa savoured every bite of her catfish taco and shaved brussels sprouts, my mouth watered with every bite of my beef tartare, dijon, capers and bacon aioli.

A delicious Zinfandel guided us through each plate and impeccable service made the night, simply put, perfect. Prices reasonable with small plates ranging from $4 to $16.

1 York Street
Ottawa, ON

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