Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Traditions and Saying Farewell to What Was a Fantastic 2010

It's going to be difficult to write this post without saying the word comfort in every sentence. December was a tough month work-wise, lots of late nights at the office. But that hard work is what makes all the comfort foods so special and so appreciated.

This year, we didn't fall short on any of those holiday traditions.

Teresa still served up a wicked pre-Christmas brunch, complete with spinach salad, both chicken and pork bacon, delicious egg stratas, homemade shortbread cookies festively decorated, pineapple and watermelon with a whipped chocolaty dip, and a new addition this year, her mother's delectable cinnamon rolls! They happened to be in town for the brunch – yay lucky me! Oh, and her to-die-for Breton brittle and bottomless mimosas.

Next, Christmas eve, where after serving dinner/enjoying dinner with the guests at Jack Purcell's Operation Big Turkey, my husband and I returned home to serve more guests. My mother-in-law's mouthwatering tourtière (I can never stop eating this thing) and my husband's heavenly clam chowder.

On Christmas day, another turkey dinner is served, this time at my brother and sister-in-law's. This was her best turkey yet - cooked to perfection! And complete with all the fixings. I admire her so much for her patience, especially with my whole family invading her home for days on end. One of the best parts to this meal? Her father's gâteau-à-sandwich. I cannot go without it.

As the days go by, so do the leftovers, more get-togethers, and lots of great wine and chocolate. All this rich food is enough to send anyone over-the-edge. My husband and I decided that this week will be a much healthier, more reduced form of eating. Lots of juicing!!

But before we jumped into it, we finished off the last night with a bang. Donairs!! Unless you're from the East Coast, you probably won't understand how important this is, but if you are, run, run fast to Giant Tiger and get these. They're Donair Kits from Bonté Foods that beat out any Donair any Ottawa restaurant has ever attempted to make. It's the real thing. And it's made in Dieppe, New Brunswick. Urgh, I want another one right now!!


its me, sam said...

I'm happy to see you can get a donair fix whenever you want now!

Holly Bruns said...

I'm just catching up on my reading and recovering from a cold and since I'm LAZY this donair fix tip is much appreciated. Happy NY!

Anonymous said...

You have to check out Centertown Donair & Pizza - its a true East Coast Donair! Its a hole in the wall at 422 Bronson - just in case you need a fix!