Monday, May 23, 2011

Black Cat Bistro

There's nothing quite like a little one-on-one with a great friend. Sure I love the social nights, getting to see lots of friends in one easy spot. But the conversations are never the same. They don't take as much time, the little details often left out to speed it up before moving on to the next person, and food, well food usually gets gobbled up between hello-kisses and handshakes.

I felt honoured that my wonderful friend Marysol, who has been literally buried in work, was able to take the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal with me. And this turned out to be the perfect place to do so.

We decided to order appetizers and share our way through the marvellous flavours that were so unique to each dish. Each one was placed in perfect order before arriving at our table, starting with more mild and light dishes, and working our way to a jaw-dropping finale.

Light with a buttery texture, the albacore tuna tataki came out first – miso and lemongrass emulsion, cucumber, radish and jalapeno.

Next, the foie gras terrine. My best explanation for what I was experiencing would be the adult version of peanut butter and jam, only way more sinful. Sauternes, hazelnuts, sour cherry jam, cocoa nibs (oh yeah!) and apple butter.

I was surprised when this dish came next. Alberta bison carpaccio. Being a strong meat surrounded by pecorino, extra strong dijon, truffle oil and lemon, you would expect it to come out last. This dish was phenomenal.

And when we were served our final dish, smoked and charred octopus with olives, parmesan, smoked paprika mayo, tomatoes and spicy yuzu vinaigrette, it didn't take long to realize why this dish was saved for last. If you've never had a smoked and charred octopus, I would put this on the list of things to eat before you die. Add to that the smoked paprika mayo and OH. MY. GOD. If Marysol and I didn't truly like each other, I think there would have been a few swings to fight for the last bites of this one.

We had also ordered a side of their fries cooked in peanut oil but they forgot to bring them out. We will have to try again next time! First courses range from $9 to $17, mains from $20 to $33. Great service and atmosphere.

428 Preston Street, Ottawa

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thetwistedchef said...

i love the black cat - trish is such an amazing chef... your meal with marysol (when i called and interrupted) inspired me to make a reso for tonight :0) beautiful pictures Rachelle! mouah.