Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pipolinka Bakery

My friend Phil and I biked to Wakefield and back this past weekend. And, as with every big bike ride, we needed a decent food break. Without that, what's the point? This little bakery is the perfect stop. The only problem is holding back so that you don't eat too much and feel uncomfortable for the ride back.

I especially love this place because of all their non-wheat alternatives, which can still be difficult to find. Take the sandwiches for example, old cheddar, herb chevre, house mayo, sautéed onions, roast garlic potato, lettuce and sprouts all on buckwheat kamut. They also carry traditional multigrain, fresh buns, spelt and all kinds of other yummy breads.

On this particular visit, I went with some rice paper shrimp rolls (big surprise) with a curry dipping sauce, and the clafoutis, a little mound filled with delicious ingredients like aged cheddar, leeks, pears, curry, onions, red peppers, eggs and cream. The top held a huge dollop of creamy yams, a slice of mango and 3 long chives for garnish. Phil went straight for the pastries, and before I could even see what he had ordered, it was gobbled up. Their pastry counter is quite delectable.

From homemade cookies, croissants, pizzas and oh-so-much more, you can't help but start salivating as soon as you walk in. There's nowhere to eat inside, but outside there are a few small tables and a large picnic table that basks in the sun.

They used to be at the entrance of town when you first came in. They've now expanded into a much larger, more accommodating building just off the main drag going up towards the Wakefield Mill.

757 Riverside Drive, Wakefield QC

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