Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Doesn't Have to be Complicated to be Beautiful

It's all in the presentation. No my husband did not make these grape leaves from scratch. Nor did he marinate the meat before throwing it on the barbecue. But what he did do is take that extra few minutes to prepare each plate just so. Leaving my mouth to water in anticipation.

The salad greens used as a bed for the pork skewers were drizzled in cucumber foam. Sounds fancy doesn't it? That light and complementary dressing was the result of a failed homemade tzatziki sauce (too much water from the cucumber). The second version however, was perfect, with tiny bits of fresh cucumber throughout.

A little feta, a few black olives, grilled red onion and voilà.

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Beth said...

Sometimes the simplest things are the loveliest.