Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Edgar!

(Thanks for the photo Rémi!)

Last night I had the pleasure of ringing in Edgar's first year anniversary. Actually when I think about it, it's hard to believe it's ONLY been a year. I feel like this place has been open forever. And if you look at how successful Edgar has been over the past year, it's obvious that the clientèle feel that way too. It took no time for Marysol and her team to build a strong following, and with good reason – the food is absolutely amazing and straight from the heart.

And to celebrate her 1st year of tirelessly serving up the most decadent treats, it didn't surprise me that she would do the same last night – heavenly bites of polenta with pulled pork and tomato chutney, sinful candied pork belly, pogos with a mustard seed dipping sauce, edgar bars, and the most amazing dessert ever – vanilla ice cream with banana fritter and fried chicken skin – AMAZING.

We also picked up her limited edition calendar featuring all the beautiful hard working staff that make our visits so special. Rémi Thériault did the outstanding shots, and Simon (also known as the yummiest cappuccino-maker ever) the unique design. Best of all, money collected from the calendar going to charity.

Congratulations Marysol!!


Katherine said...

Thanks for the reminder - I still have yet to go! It's on my list for 2012! I only hear such great things! : )

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