Thursday, August 7, 2008

Von’s Bistro

Last Friday I had the afternoon off so I decided to go into the glebe and have lunch at Von's. Quite often we'll go for breakfast and I always get the same thing, Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs. I love it. And I love the fact they bring yummy banana bread to the table while you wait. I'm usually famished in the morning so this pre-breakfast treat is exactly what I need.

I grabbed a seat on their patio and ordered a glass of the Bouchard Aine et Fils Bourgogne Pinot Noir. It was my first time ordering a Pinot Noir. I find I get stuffed up with wines that have higher levels of tannins and the Pinot Noir's and Beaujolais' are usually pretty low. It was fruity and very good. For lunch I had the Smoked Salmon Naan Pizza for $8.75. It was made with a roasted garlic spread, tomatoes, red onions and Quebec goat cheese. It was slightly greasier than I expected, I think mostly because the wetness of the tomatoes made it seem that way. But still delicious none the less. It was served with choice of salad or fries, I went with half and half. I love it when a restaurant lets you do that. I can never eat all the fries, and health-wise I do prefer the salad. But I always want a few fries, just to get the taste in my mouth. And Von's has the best fries. I find they are similar to Deluxe's fries but not as greasy - perfect. Deluxe Fish and Chips is a fast food chain out East.

This spot is a regular so I'll definitely be back. The service is also always really good, you automatically feel comfortable there. The atmosphere and people watching makes it a great spot to relax and eat good food.

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Anonymous said...

hello my name is Sydnie I was curious if you would be able to describe the setting and atmosphere of the restaurant? like the colours.

Rachelle said...

It's very French bistro. Lots of windows looking onto the street. It's a sleepy neighborhood at night but busy on weekends.