Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

Yesterday was my birthday and I must say that my husband knows me really, really well. I could say 10 years will do that to a relationship, but really it takes so much more than just time to get to know someone, and my husband has put the effort in, and then some. I'm going to do my best to stick to only the food parts of my day, since this is a food blog!

Lunch, well, my favourite lunchtime spot is Benny's Bistro. Chef Scott Adams is a master in his kitchen and is fantastic at bringing out all the wonderful aspects of the ingredients he is cooking with. My husband took 3 hours out of his day to bring me here. I work quite a distance away, so that combined with him having to come and get me first (not to mention delivering me flowers at work!), get through construction in more than one place, and then the lunch, man. It was craziness, but it was worth it!

I must admit it was a bit difficult to get through the afternoon at work after that. But as soon as 5pm came around I was back on my bike heading home for more yumminess.

After a walk in the park with our beautiful 14-year-old dog, our next stop was the Whalesbone for oysters. Yay! We got the Shuker's Special and a half litre of their signature wine. Sharing oysters with my husband while sipping wine is definitely one of the finer things in life. It is magical.

Before we left for the Whalesbone, we decanted the last bottle of wine from our California trip. By the time we got home this wine was at it's prime. Exuding all the marvelous characteristics it had to offer. A beautiful dark red wine with a purple hue filled the glass. Aromas of dark ripe cherries, bitter chocolate, wet tobacco leaf and a bit of smokiness. This medium to full bodied wine was much smoother on the palate than expected, with low tannins and flavours of black fruit, dark bitter chocolate and wet tobacco. (My husband compared some of the flavours to the Colts cigars he used to smoke in high school – in a good way!) It's long finish just extended the deliciousness. I have to say, this is probably my favourite wine in the whole world. If you're ever in the Napa Valley, you must stop in at the Robledo family winery.

Aromas of Asian cuisine filled the air of the house. Korean was the theme. My husband never ceases to amaze me with his culinary talents and last night was no different. After marinating some local wild boar spare ribs all day in soy sauce, garlic, grated pear, grated onion, sugar and hot sauce, these meaty bites were ready for the bbq. My husband boiled the rest of the marinade which resulted in a thick, spicy-sweet and heavenly sauce that we then added to the ribs and smothered over rice. The chewiness of the lean boar meat on the bone transitioned into more tender meat the further away you got. The bits with no bone at all, and that were embraced in fat, melted oh so magically in our mouths, no chewing required. Having this combination of textures on my plate was like no other. Literally the best of both worlds.

The salads so carefully planned as accompaniments complemented the meat perfectly, adding freshness, tang and spiciness to the meal. Seaweed and cabbage salad, piquant kimchi, wilted sesame spinach salad and bright green and fresh shallot salad. Every bite offering a new flavour, and heightening the overall meat experience beautifully.

For dessert, my friend Teresa showed up with a lovely ice cream cake. After blowing out my “not too many” candles, we melted into our chairs faster than the ice cream, enjoying every creamy bite. Thanks T! So sweet!

And Ryan, I can't thank you enough for my day. You truly are the most amazing man alive. I loved every second of every bite and everything else in between. Thank you so much!


Don (foodiePrints) said...

Wow! That sounded like an amazing day, foodie or not foodie, food blogger or no food bloggger.

A warm belated Happy Birthday Rachelle!

Holly Bruns said...

Oh my, you are very lucky. Happy, yesterday, Birthday.

Marysol said...

Rachelle, coquine!! You should have told me yesterday!! It is ok to include: ps. c'est ma fête into emails.

my ps. you have the most fabulous husband ever, who needs gifts? That was a food chasse-aux-trésors!

Rachelle said...

Thanks for the wishes everyone.

Marysol (ok now i feel really spoiled), i got a gift too!

One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

Happy Birthday! Everything sounds so yummy and perfect.

Marysol said...

Well, I think he topped himself this year with superhuman efforts to bring flowers, be a chauffeur, a chef!