Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Duck Confit and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Is this what happens to you when you're cleaning out your fridge? I personally didn't think it was possible. But somehow, my husband sees random ingredients and then magically processes them into magnificent dishes that you'd swear were purposely planned. I think this was the best of it's kind.

First the duck confit. This was just sitting in the freezer. I had originally bought it to use for appetizers, but never got around to it. The bed of arugula and lettuce came straight from our garden. Mushrooms were sitting in the fridge, waiting for a home. As were the Jerusalem sunchokes – man these were good! What a unique flavour. Kind of cinnamon-tangy-like. One of my new favourite things. And paired with the moist, fatty duck and mushrooms in one bite was like heaven. You'd swear the three were brought to this earth to be served together. And then there's the scapes. I picked these up last weekend at the new little farmer's market by my house. The folks at the Whalesbone supply shop have opened up their parking lot to some local farmers on Sundays. Very exciting! It's tiny right now, I managed to leave with some fresh garlic, scapes, strawberries, honey and homemade granola. But they do plan to expand a little.

My husband fried the mushrooms and scapes, also the sunchokes, which he then slipped into the oven with the duck. What also brought it all together was the duck fat and balsamic that was drizzled over everything. Yummmm!


Marc-André said...

A very wise (and competent) man you have there. It looks like a total success.

Thanks for the tip about farmers@whalesbone. Natural combination.

Music-chan said...

Glad to see the earthquake hasn't dampened your appetite!

Holly Bruns said...

You've inspired me to snip a few scapes from my yard last night. Yum. I'm sorry I missed you last weekend. We will have to drink some wine together one day.