Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happiness is a Fish Croquette

I have to say, there's nothing quite like a crispy croquette filled with mouthwatering deliciousness – like these round bits of heaven we had tonight.

Fish cakes?? I asked my husband as he was preparing the filling. “Nope.” I sighed with disappointment. Until he turned to me and said “croquettes”. Woohoo! One of my favourite things in the whole world. Sad thing is, some people make the outer batter a little too dense. My husband on the other hand, makes them just right. A light and golden crispy edge that serves as an unobtrusive cocoon for the delectable fish filling.

The idea for these originated from the leftover rice we had in the fridge. Mix that with some cooked cod, béchamel sauce, onion, garlic shoots and thyme. Cool the mixture for a bit before forming into balls and coating in bread crumbs. Lightly fry and serve with barbecued fennel drizzled in balsamic. Sooooo yummy.

And continuing on with the Ontario wines, I think Château des Charmes is my new favourite. I had tried the Riesling at a restaurant and really enjoyed it. I ended up buying a bottle, as well as this half litre of Chardonnay. What better way to try new wines than with the smaller bottles. Less commitment and so fun!


One of Ottawa's Real Foodies said...

Happiness IS INDEED a fish croquette. So yummy looking as usual. You live at a nice restaurant.

Marysol said...

I read the title and said: of course.
And then I read the rest of the entry and stopped at fennel. pure heaven.

I should have invited myself over!!!

Michele Bosc said...

Thank you so much for the the kind words about our wines Rachelle. If you are in our neighbourhood some time please stop by and ask for me, Michele Bosc.

Rachelle said...

I will definitely do that!