Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ann O’Malley’s – St. Augustine

The only negative thing about going south this time of year is missing the playoffs. When in a small town like St. Augustine, the chances of catching a Montreal game are pretty slim. Yes, I'm a Habs fan. And my husband is a Sabres fan. One full week of what could make history, missed. I'm personally ok with trading sun for hockey. My husband, although hesitant, I believe is too. But imagine getting the best of both worlds?! It would be like a dream. And our dream came true the first day we arrived in St. Augustine.

Driving around, looking for parking, from the corner of my eye caught sight of it – a massive Buffalo Sabres flag hanging outside this quaint little pub. We immediately made a b-line for it after parking the car. John, the owner, assured us we could catch any hockey game inside, Buffalo, obviously taking over the big screen. Being the only bar in the county with the center ice package, this man has cleverly created a niche for all hockey fans.

John and his wife Sherri are the best hosts. We spent only 3 evenings with them and felt like we were home. This spot alone would bring us back to St. Augustine in a second. All hockey fans in the area congregate here. And for you Sabres fans, they've got Blue Light by the bottle (on tap is not far away), and Sunday nights they serve Beef on Weck. Oh, and if you are a Buffalo fan and wearing your colours, your first pint is on the house.

They also have many other great things going on nightly, live entertainment, specials, etc. Being an ex-navy officer, John offers 50% off food and drink for Military, EMT, Firefighter and Law Enforcement personnel on Monday nights.

Their menu, although very small, is made from the heart in front of your eyes. Great selection of yummy sandwiches and chips and my personal favourite, hot dogs with coleslaw – the perfect snack!

23 Orange Street
St. Augustine, Florida

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Simply St. Augustine said...

We've lived here 13 years and I've never eaten at Ann O'Malley's! I've put it on the list since you reviewed it so favorably. :) Thanks for the recommendation!
Allie O.