Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday’s Roast Beef House

This restaurant is more of a touristy spot in comparison to the restaurants we normally eat at, but is very good nonetheless. Last night my husband and I decided to check out the ice sculptures since it was the last weekend of Winterlude. And since this place is right across the street it was an easy decision to stop in. That and the special they always have going on – a Fantasy Dinner for Two, with a Nice Bottle of Wine for $89.75. My husband ordered the Market Fresh Salad to start, and then had the Friday's Cut, Prime-Rib Roast Beef au jus, with Yorkshire Puff. I can't comment on his dinner because I was so full from mine I couldn't possibly have a bite of his. He found it very good. I had the Soup of the Day, which was a flavourful cream of broccoli, and for my main I had the Maple Roast Atlantic Salmon Fillet. When I ordered this I knew I would have my choice of potatoes and was really looking forward to their garlic mash. I almost fell to the floor when they told me they were out. OUT? How can you be out of mashed potatoes?? I didn't want the baked potato, I didn't want the rosemary roasted potatoes, I wanted mashed. So, I went with their fries and some mayo on the side. They turned out to be fabulous fries. They were French bistro type fries, thin cut and very yummy. Only one thing I found a bit weird about them, although they didn't look at all like McDonald's fries, they tasted a lot like them. My husband thought I was being weird, until he tried them. A smile grew on his face, that is so weird! My salmon was absolutely divine, the maple on it was fantastic and had a slight crisp texture to it. The wine that came with the meal was JeanJean Arabesque Merlot from France. Definitely not a bottle we would order had we had a choice, but went well with the meal and was fine, especially for the overall price. This dinner also included dessert. I won't spend too much time on that, in comparison to the meal the dessert left little to be desired. My husband had Maple Syrup Crème Caramel and I had the Apple Pie with Warm Spice Sauce. I think the pie would have been so much better had it been warm. Even if the spice sauce was warm, the pie was so cold that by the time I ate it the sauce was room temperature. They also served us coffee and tea. The entire experience and food is a fabulous deal. The service is impeccable and the decor very warm and inviting. It's got an old Victorian style to it and is one of the best preserved houses of the early Confederation period to survive in downtown Ottawa. There are a few fireplaces in there and we were lucky to get a table right next to one. They also offer private rooms for parties and meetings and have a live piano parlour upstairs in a small room where people enjoy dancing and sipping cocktails along the piano bar. Definitely offers a nice evening out. Aside from the special, appetizers range from $5.75 to $12.75 and mains from $19.75 to $29.75.

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