Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finnish Pancakes with Fruit and Sausage

Good friends of ours, Jenn and Eric, had a bunch of us over for brunch this morning. It was a sort of pre-Super Bowl breakfast party. One we decided should become an annual event. Jenn made what is sure to be the best pancakes i've ever had. I definitely ate more than I should have but there was no way I could have stopped at 2. She served them with our choice of mixed berries, bananas, yogurt, maple syrup and yummy breakfast sausages on the side. The table had some freshly cut watermelon, and to drink, mimosas and coffee. A decadent breakfast to say the least. I'm still salivating just thinking about it. Thanks guys!


Rémi Thériault said...

J'étais right ch'urieux. J'pensais qu'yavait des sausages dans les pancakes. Eje'étais un peu desappointé but, ça semble still right bon.

Rachelle said...

C'était SUPER bon!