Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chicken, Wild Mushroom and Roasted-Garlic Sauté

Well, here I am, at my friend Dino's place enjoying a delicious selection of wine brought by all guests and a fabulous meal made by Dino. If you've read other posts of food he's made you won't be surprised by this one. The chicken in this dish melts in your mouth and the mushrooms are just divine. He roasted some elephant garlic and served it with the chicken and mushrooms over this marvelous wild rice mixture from La Ronge, Saskatchewan. There are 8 of us and we are all drooling over our plates. He even started us off with a homemade squash soup topped with roasted walnuts. Here are some of the comments thus far:
- I want to make sweet love to this chicken.
- Awesome.
- I don't know what's more moist, the chicken or...
Ok, i'll stop there. But you get the picture!

1 comment:

treesaw said...

I believe I also said I want to take the soup out behind the school and get it pregnant.

It was good. Damn good!