Thursday, January 22, 2009

Domus Café

I was on a business lunch today and went to probably one of the most consistently delicious restaurants in Ottawa. I wouldn't say the food knocks you off your feet but you always know it's going to be fresh and highly pleasing. The presentation also makes your mouth water within seconds. One of the best parts of Domus is the fact they are the first in Canadian, regional and seasonal cuisine and have their ingredients delivered directly from local-area farms. Today I had their Canadian Coast to Coast Sustainable Fish Selection which was a fabulous in-house smoked trout chowder. The fish was so flavourful and they were extremely generous with the portions. That along with their fresh bread and blueberry oil for dipping had me ready for a glass of port and an afternoon off. Unfortunately that didn't happen. What I did get to do, and which is unusual for a business lunch, was try the other dishes on the table. I tried the other plate I almost went with myself, the “Domus Cow” Meat Pie made with rosemary jus, roasted potato, root vegetable slaw and delicious tomato apple chutney. I also had a bite of the Canadian Wild Rice and Toasted Pearl Barley Risotto made with Le Coprin mushrooms, goats cheese and herb oil. Although every dish was fantastic, the risotto would have probably been better as a side dish and not a main; however, it makes a great vegetarian option. The service, as usual, was superb and very attentive. Soups range from $7 to $10, salads from $14 to $16 and mains from $18 to $24 on the lunch menu. For dinner, starters range from $8 to $20 and mains from $28-$32.

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