Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mayflower Restaurant and Pub

This very casual and conventional restaurant offers some of the best breakfast in Ottawa. As usual on a Saturday or Sunday morning, there's a lineup to get in anywhere for breakfast. Fortunately this place is equipped with an extremely efficient wait staff and they can turn tables pretty fast. We got there about 1pm today which is a couple hours later than prime time, so getting a table was very easy. I started off with a refreshing glass of their fresh squeezed orange juice and a warm cinnamon bun. Then I had the Eggs Benedict made with back bacon – so delicious. I've also had the Belgian waffles on another occasion and they were fabulous too. A friend of mine is a big fan of their pancakes and oatmeal. And another swears by the Eggs Mayflower which is a bagel topped with cream cheese, scrambled eggs and hollandaise sauce. The entire breakfast selection is terrific. I don't recall ever eating there other than for breakfast but i'm sure their lunch and dinner menus are great too. I've heard they have great fish 'n' chips, and in the pub at the back serve a selection of single malt scotches and close to 20 beer on tap.

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