Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mushroom, Sausage and White Bold Cheddar Quiche

I couldn't sleep this morning so I decided to get up and make breakfast. We had guests staying with us and I knew they'd be in bed for a while. I went through the cupboards to see what we had. When I saw the two pie crusts in the freezer I knew what i'd be making. This is my first time making quiche, but i've watched my husband make them a million times so I had a pretty good idea what to do. I made a mushroom, sausage, spinach and cheese quiche and I also made a smoked salmon, feta, caper and red onion quiche. And surprisingly, they both turned out beautifully. I also ran up to The Scone Witch and bought some herb and cheddar scones to go with it.

What you’ll need
2 frozen pie crusts
6 eggs
2 x 3/4 cups of whipping cream
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of garlic powder

1 hot and 1 mild Italian sausage
Chopped mushrooms
Chopped green onions
Shredded white bold cheddar
1 handful of spinach

Smoked salmon cut into small pieces
Chopped red onion

What to do
Cook the pie crusts according to package directions and let cool.

For the mushroom and sausage quiche, cook the sausage then slice into little round pieces. Fry the green onions and set aside. Fry the mushrooms, squeeze out all the excess water and set aside. Heat the spinach for a few seconds in the microwave so it becomes smaller then chop it up. In a bowl, mix 3 eggs and 3/4 cups of cream. Add in all the above ingredients and fold. Poor into pie shell.

For the smoked salmon quiche, fry the onions and set aside. Mix 3 eggs and 3/4 cups of cream as above and then add in the onions, salmon, capers and feta. Stir everything up and poor into the other pie crust.

Cook at 375 for approx. 30 minutes.

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plasterers bristol said...

Hmm this look delicious, thanks for posting up this recipe, looks quite simple to make.