Saturday, January 3, 2009

$12 In – Bun NYC

Well, here it is, my second tip jar submission. I really hate to put this restaurant in this category because the food was so delicious. But the service, oh the service, it just plain sucked. And it probably seemed worse because we were so famished and because the time of day was really unusual (3pm). Before I go any further, I will start with the positive points of this restaurant, it's a really great Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Soho that has the most unique Vietnamese dishes i've ever seen and a really nice atmosphere. The food itself would have gotten 4 stars had it not been for the service. I started off with the Shrimp Roll – shrimp, Berkshire pork belly, bun, lettuce, mint and supposed to be served with peanut sauce but came with fish sauce. 

Then I tried the Mini Cakes my husband ordered, also delicious, made with diced pork, mushroom and green bean. Then for my main I had the Bun Nem Lamb which was an extremely flavourful dish of lamb balls, spring roll, pickled shaved papaya and herbs. All very impressive. Now for the not so good points. Our food took a long time. My husband's appetizer arrived once my friend and I had completed ours, long after. Then they forgot to make my friend's main course. She finally got it after we finished ours. I also overheard another table asking about a dish of theirs that they forgot to make. We ordered some Vietnamese coffee at the beginning as well, but those were forgotten and eventually came after we reminded our server. I could understand if it was swamped in there and they were short on staff, but our server spent a lot of time casually chatting with other patrons and people who worked there. We did not receive one apology for the poor service or late arrival of food. The temperature in the restaurant was also very cold. Now, all that being said, I would recommend this restaurant. It has a lot of great reviews and the food is definitely worth it. I think we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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