Monday, July 21, 2008

The Tip Jar

I've always found that service is parallel to the food experience. So i've decided to start a tip jar. I always tip 15% for good service. Great service I tip 20 or more. Less than good service will receive less than 15 or even nothing at all (this one was extremely hard to do the first time - but why should anyone pay for bad service?) There's nothing I hate more than discussing how terrible the service is over dinner. So I am going to give where it's deserved. 

When I receive less than 15% service, the difference will go into this jar. I'll keep track of this on my blog and the minute I get really great service, that person will receive the amount accumulated in the jar as well as their regular tip.


Anonymous said...

I think that is a very original and good idea (although I have waitressed a fair amount and have a extremely hard time leaving no tip).

arbor del hermano said...

Why tip 15% for less than acceptable service? Because tipping is not a friendly add-on for wait staff. It is part of their salary. They are paid less than minimum wage on the expectation that tips will be 15% After waiting tables for 6 years I realized the level of service I was able to provide had little to do with my effort. I would always try my best but serving is contingent on many variables out of my control. Waitering is the only job where performance pay is so directly controlled by consumers who are not in a position to properly judge the performance.

Anonymous said...

Tip is called a Gratuity for a reason. Because the staff member has to work well and give good service to get it. I have been in restaurants where the staff has been atrocious bordering on mean and have left a penny tip (also known as the biggest insult you can give a waitress) on top of speaking to the manager and owner.

15% is customary if the service was fair to good. More if they go above and beyond the call of duty to make your stay excellent.