Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Corner Bar and Grill

We stopped in here for a beer and dinner after a mountain bike ride on Sunday. I'd burned a lot of calories so I figured the Sunday special wouldn't do me any harm. I got the fish and chips and a Beau's Lug Tread lager. I had my choice of fries, mashed or salad, and went with the sweet potato fries. Although I absolutely adore mashed potatoes, that day I had a hankering for the sweet potato fries. Plus my husband ordered the mash, which meant I could bum a bite of his and at least try them. End result? I'm glad I went with the fries, the mashed weren't mashed enough – I like them whipped! The fish on the other hand, was perfect and not too greasy, which can happen a lot with fish and chips. The service, as it has been in my previous 2 visits, was great. And I really like the decor inside, simple and comfortable. They could however, change their music selection. Top 40's dance pop doesn't fit the bill. Overall though, a great time.

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