Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sushi Kan

My best friend raved about this place the first time she went. I'm sad it took me over a year to finally try it out – I have a tendency to get stuck in my centretown bubble. Lucky for me they just opened a restaurant near my work – my secondary bubble. The atmosphere is your typical chain restaurant setting, but you barely notice because all that's on your mind is that you're about to stuff your face with all you can eat sushi. It's unfortunate that the reputation of all you can eat joints usually means a lesser-quality food. If that is your view, think again. The food was fresh, delicious and best of all, an amazing value at $12.99. The menu consists of 150 items, with only 10 of those allocated to dinner only (mostly sashimi). We ate Fried Dumplings, Shrimp and Sweet Potato Tempura, Spicy and Crispy Salmon and White Tuna Rolls, Dynamite rolls, and so on. One thing I'd never tried before was the Sushi Pizza, it just didn't sound very appetizing. Well, I loved it. It was not at all what you would expect. You've got the choice of either Salmon or White Tuna (get the spicy) mixed with a thousand island dressing on a fried potato type pancake – yum! There were a couple of things I was a little disappointed with, the Seaweed Salad was served rolled inside nori with rice, one bite and it's gone. I prefer the actual salad on it's own. And the Dumpling Noodle soup wasn't very good, the broth was ok but the noodles weren't great. On the service side of things, a bit slow for a lunch hour crowd, but overall a great experience. I'll definitely be back.

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Teresa said...

Yay! You went to Sushi Kan! I didn't know they opened a new one. Woo hoo.

Sushi Pizza kicks ass. Next time you're there get the spicy salmon hand roll. Nummas!

Rachelle said...

Yeah, on Innes. i can't believe i waited so long to go.