Monday, July 21, 2008

Cheshire Cat Pub

A friend of mine recommended I grab a bite to eat at this little gem during a road ride. I just got into road riding this year and did a 100k ride on Saturday. Mid way through, I was famished and just in time for lunch! They have a pretty regular pub fare menu but I would say the food is definitely better than any regular old spot. I had a hard time choosing between the Perogies and the Thai Chicken Wrap. Knowing I had to climb a hill afterward, I went with the wrap and made up the calories with sweet potato fries and chili sauce. YUMMY! In addition to great food, the service was perfect. The 2 girls working there were very friendly and extremely accommodating. If you're ever out in the Carp area, I highly recommend you stop in. They've got a wonderful little patio at the back, and if you don't have bug spray, they've got some for you!
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Anonymous said...

You have a really smart friend! That was a fun bikeride, looking forward to a lot more this summer! See you in a few days.