Monday, July 28, 2008

Caribbean Flavours

If you love Caribbean food, or simply just want to eat as much food as possible for a really low price, you'll love Caribbean Flavours. The savory food at this quaint little restaurant is made with love and offers a unique taste experience in comparison to many restaurants. You can choose mild, medium or hot for most dishes, or go super hot with the Jerk flavoured foods. I started off with the Codfish Cakes with garlic mayo and spicy creole pepper sauce. For $9.95 I got 3 hearty fish cakes that were delicious. They weren't too fishy either, just perfect. Now, I could have stopped there, I was borderline full, but I had to try the Rotis. It's a thin crepe filled with curries, chickpeas, and your choice of meat. I had shrimp. This dish was $11.95 and did not include any sides. I could have upgraded to a platter for an additional $8, which would have included soup, veggies and rice. The rice would have been nice to help with the spiciness of the dish (I went with medium) but in no way would I have been able to finish it. I ate 1/3 of my roti and brought the rest home. The next day, I split the leftovers with my husband for lunch. I'll definitely be going again. The spiciness and heartiness of the meals would be wonderful on a cold winter day but are good anytime, especially if you've just finished burning a lot of calories and need to refuel. The only thing I dislike about this place is the location. It's on Carling Avenue in a sort of mini-mall type building in front of the new Canadian Tire. That alone will probably reduce the number of visits I make.

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