Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vietnamese Kitchen

Just finished my weekly usual. Next to lobster, rice paper shrimp rolls are one of my favorite foods. I eat at the Vietnamese Kitchen once a week. I started going there regularly in January when my previous weekly Vietnamese place closed down - Cam Kong. I had been going there for 5 years. I cried when they closed. My desktop picture at work is number 315 (springrolls and meatballs on vermicelli) - yes, i'm obsessed. Nothing has been able to replace them but the Vietnamese Kitchen has come close. The fact that they deliver makes it even better. My usual, A7 and V8 - rice paper shrimp rolls with peanut sauce and vermicelli with spring rolls have been consistently very good. The service is also really great.

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Teresa said...

RIP Cam Kong. You are missed.

Donnie said...

wow rachelle. you're a bloggin machine. good writer too.

Rachelle said...

i now have an even better reason to eat!