Monday, July 6, 2009

Blue Cheese Stuffed Bison Burgers

This is the last of the ground bison we bought at Ranch Les Beaux Bisons. I've had bison from other farms in the area recently as well and I have to say, the meat from here has this uniquely delicious flavour that none of the others had. I almost want to say gamy, but not, it's hard to explain. Their bison never receive any supplement such as grain and silage which can alter the consistency and taste of the meat. They age naturally and more slowly than those on commercial farms. I guess that's why this meat tastes so freakin' great.

My husband also knows how to make a delicious burger go from great to really awesome. And it doesn't even take that much effort. Mix some onion, garlic and 1 egg into the ground meat. Form a little divot in the center and add some blue cheese. Top it with more meat and there you have it, the bison burger from heaven. Obviously you can do this with any kind of meat, but I do highly recommend this bison meat.

The cheese is just oozing out. Yummmmmm!!!

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