Monday, July 6, 2009

Smoked Beer Up-the-Butt Chicken

So, I've said it before, I try not to post the same meal twice. But this was way too good to pass up. As mentioned in a previous post, my husband's specialty is beer up-the-butt chicken. I've never had chicken so good in my entire life. In my mind there was no way anything would ever top this method of cooking it until last night. And this version blows the regular way completely out of the water. Take the original beer up-the-butt and times it by 10. What do you get? SMOKED beer up-the-butt! I've never pigged out on chicken like that before. My husband made it in the usual fashion but then put it on the smoker with some apple chips. After a couple of hours, threw it on the bbq for about half an hour and voilà! Masterpiece! He served this with some barbecued corn and a yummy beet salad that my friend Teresa brought over. I had a small piece of chicken this morning as I was packing my lunch and I think it may even be better today.

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