Friday, April 23, 2010

Are we really the food paparazzi?

I found this article through one of the many food blogs I read. I had to laugh at some of it (I especially love the very last line – so true). And of course, feel a bit self conscious at other parts. It took me almost a year of blogging to finally start taking photos of what I ate in restaurants. And I still to this day do my best to be as discrete as possible. Although sometimes, after a few glasses of wine, I open up and think “screw it! I'm taking the shot!”. 

It's definitely worth a read, whether you're a food blogger or a simply caught sitting next to a food blogger. 

And I will admit, I don't always blog when I go out to eat. It is nice to just sit back, relax and enjoy the food in real time, piping hot from the kitchen, and not worrying about what every single ingredient is on your plate. Besides, if I posted every experience I had, people would think my blog was solely about the Whalesbone Oyster House!

Sometimes it's just about “going out”. Period.


nooschi said...

You know what...u are right about sitting back and not taking photos of every little thing you eat. I am starting to learn that fine balance!

Don said...

That LA Times piece, Chef Grant Achatz's blog post, Chef Tony Bourdain's quote, they all raise some interesting points.

I would like to add one. Many of the food bloggers I have met, dined with, and chatted with know when to draw the line when it comes to "documenting" food. We also don't take the camera with us every time we dine out.

At a recent event, I noticed it wasn't the food bloggers who filmed the chef or pushed an iPhone in front of his face to record him. It wasn't the food bloggers who acted like paparazzi.

It is for the same reason I believe food bloggers get a long famously. We all have a shared passion for food, not documenting food. We know when to put down the camera. We learn how to use it discreetly.

Anyhow, in response to Chef Achatz's blog post, I threw together some best practices I find most food bloggers already follow when it comes to ethical food photography in restaurants. (

As for Chef Ludo Lefebvre in the LA Times piece, 18 food bloggers? I find it difficult to believe that many food bloggers will randomly be present at dinner. If you invite food bloggers, they will take pictures.

Jessica, it is REALLY good to see you blogging again! Have a great weekend!