Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Barbecued Maple Salmon with Pureed Cauliflower and Greens

My husband really does know how to make the best meals. It's surprising that even after this long, I'm in awe by every dish. He never fails to amaze me. The smells, the textures, the flavours – they are always outstanding. This meal of course, was no different.

He coated this beautiful piece of steelhead salmon with brown sugar, maple syrup, chili powder spice and salt and pepper before throwing it on the barbecue. The results were heavenly. So sweet and cooked so perfectly. I especially loved the crispy caramelized bits on the outer edge – like eating candy. The side of pureed cauliflower (our new favourite thing) was the best match for this outstanding fish, making this meal one of the best ever! A mixture of spinach and arugula completed the plate.

You must try this cauliflower as a side. It's so easy and so wonderful. Steam one head of cauliflower with 3 cloves of garlic. Then take it all and purée for a long time, adding some olive oil and salt and pepper. Delicious!


Rebecca said...

That looks delicious. We love pureed cauliflower, have it all the time!

Anonymous said...

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