Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gazpacho, Smelts and Ceviche Tacos

Behind every great woman is an amazing man. At least that's how it is at my house.

After having such an amazing meal at Marysol's, there was no way I was going to screw up dinner for her and Amy last Thursday night. And obviously my anxiety was apparent because my husband stepped in and offered to help. At first I wasn't going to take it, but I caved. He wasn't here when I served the meal so there were some things I had to do on my own. But I would say 95% had been done for me, prep work, instructions and all. I never laughed so hard as I did when I opened the fridge! Seriously, this is true love.

Marysol and Amy brought some delicious wines to start us off. An Italian cuvée brut, Carpenè Malvolti and 2009 Aveleda Fonte white from Portugal. I think my new favourite thing is sparkling wine.

Some cheese and figs to get the conversation started and then the first course, the best gazpacho I've ever had drizzled with truffle oil. You just have to eat it to believe it. I'd highly recommend waiting until the tomatoes are in season though.

Next I served some fried onion, chorizo, mushroom and bread crumb stuffed mushroom caps. I didn't get a shot of this one or the giant plate of smelts but you can check them out at Marysol's blog, she did a fantastic post about the evening (I feel so special!). I actually did bread the smelts and fry them myself. Although my husband did a practice run with me the night before.

And finally, ceviche tacos with Mexican wild rice. This is the perfect summer dinner. You can get the recipe here at Epicurious. So fresh and yummy, this final dish was also a hit. We used halibut from the Whalesbone mixed with chopped tomatoes, red onion and hot peppers. Some cilantro, lettuce and corn salsa completed this mouthwatering mixture. We omitted the avocado because we couldn't find a ripe one anywhere.

Marysol brought a jaw-dropping dessert. Almond and chocolate mousse layer cake. It was sinful. And the perfect companion for my Homewood Merlot Port from Sonoma.

I enjoyed every second of the evening with these two lovely ladies. There's nothing quite like spending time with people who love food as much as you. But you never want the night to end.

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pinkghost said...

i feel stuffed just looking at the food again!!! that was so fun rachelle. thanks so much, i can't believe i will miss a summer of hanging out!