Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grandbois Chocolatière

Our friends Rachelle and Christian came by for a dinner party on Friday night. Along with two magnificent bottles of wine was another gift, one that I stored and didn't take out until there was no one left in our house to share it with. This lovely tin was filled with magical little creations that at first view you'd say chocolate, but once you open it up and have a closer look, realize it's so much more than that.

9 beautifully decorated edible art. The time put into the look of these squares alone is awe-inspiring. It wasn't until I began to read each flavour that my heart skipped a few beats. Geneviève Grandbois puts her heart and soul into every single one of these chocolates. You'll see what I mean as you read on. Caution, you may need something to catch the drool so protect your keyboard.

My box was filled with “The Classics”
Safran – Ivory ganache with saffron on dark ganache flavoured with roasted vanilla.
Gianduja – An Italian specialty. Caramelized hazelnut butter and chocolate.
Framboise – Raspberry coulis blended with a dark ganache delicately flavoured with Malaysian long pepper.
Érable – Maple butter with maple syrup added, combined with pecans caramelized in maple sugar.
Caramel à la fleur de sel – An amber caramel flavoured with vanilla and enhanced with fleur de sel.
Chai – Infusion of black indian tea with ginger, black pepper, star anis and cardamom.
Extra-vierge – A ganache made with 70% cocoa chocolate delicately blended with extra-virgin olive oil.
Piment – A mild ganache spiced with a blend of Espelette, cayenne and serrano peppers.
Le 9 – Le 9 varies based on the chocolate maker's new discoveries. Mine was filled with a chocolate mousse-like filling. Rich and smooth.

You can pick up these fine chocolates in Montreal at either the Atwater Market or at 162 Saint-Viateur West.

I can't thank Rachelle and Christian enough for this mouthwatering gift. I enjoyed every second of it! (I did share some with my husband, but they were cut in half. I couldn't bare to not try them all.) Also, I want to point out that the edges of the chocolates in the photo were perfect when I first opened them, it's when I went to take a shot of the box and accidentally dropped it and my camera that they got a little mangled. I chose to save the camera first so that I could share these photos with you.

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Natalie said...

That picture coupled with your luscious descriptions are absolutely decadent. Will have to pick up a box next time I'm in Montreal!