Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stoneface Dolly's

I have not been to Stoneface Dolly's for breakfast since they were on McLeod. I was just as content with Jak's taking over the spot, especially since it's within walking distance. But this morning, my friends Amy and Andrew had their heart set on Dolly's, which was excellent by me, since I'd yet to blog about them. So here I am.

Like most places in Ottawa for breakfast, there's usually a lineup. But Bob, the owner, can in a split second take away any impatience you may have at the door with his exceptional ability to make you laugh and enjoy the wait.

I rarely switch things up when it comes to breakfast. Give me any kind of benedict and I'll be smiling all day long. Throw some smoked salmon in there and there's an immediate party in my tummy. And that's just what I did. Eggs Natasha – poached eggs on your choice of English muffin or homemade brown molasses (of course I went for the homemade molasses bread!), with smoked salmon and spinach smothered in their tangy and buttery lemon Diablo sauce. Their homefries are also quite amazing – fried mash with bits of orange and green pepper – yumm.

The others at the table also went with their regular, Eggs Benedict made with cappicola ham and the Big Breakfast, supporting all 4 meats: bacon, sausage, ham and peameal bacon. My husband stayed on the lighter side of things with the Traditional Two Eggs, but the choice of meat offers more than most menus with their vegetarian mushroom patty – nice!

I couldn't help but contemplate the Breakfast Ribs. Not that I crave ribs first thing in the morning (although I could if they were sitting right in front of me), but I know some friends who would probably go there just for that.

Lots of choice, fantastic service and delicious food leaving you more than satisfied. This is a great place for breakfast. Prices range between $8 and $16.

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Eva said...

I was there this morning too! It was my first time and certainly won't be my last. I was there between 9-10ish, sitting at one of the 'pub' tables. Were you there at the same time?

Ironically enough I had the Eggs Natasha too... but on Sourdough.

Rachelle said...

Hilarious! I was there right at 10 at the door! They sat us about 10+ minutes later.

I Love Food Blog said...

I have this place on my "to eat at" list...glad you enjoyed your meal here.