Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grilled Polenta with Tomato and Parm

Inspired by Marysol and Jason Laurin's blogs, my husband decided to make grilled polenta tonight. The entire meal was nice and light, perfect for a warm summer evening (ok, it could have been a little warmer) and well suited as our first meal on our new deck.

These tasty treats are pretty easy to make. First you need to buy a tube of cornmeal and cut it into disks. Brush each one with a mixture of garlic, olive oil, balsamic and thyme. Grill one side on the bbq, flip them and add shaved parm, tarragon, chopped red onion and sliced grape tomatoes. Once the bottom is toasty, remove carefully. My husband served these with a cucumber and corn salad and some grilled asparagus. So yummy!


marysol said...

oh Rachelle! That is some serious pressure to update my blog!! I have been quite lazy at taking pictures, so I never update.

I hope we one day meet!

Rachelle said...

Never any pressure!

And yes, hopefully we meet some day over some fantastic meal somewhere!